Laurent Dumaine

   CEO, Director


  Laurent Dumaine (Larry) is the CEO and a Director of Adjuvants Plus Inc. He has a long history of out-of-the-box thinking, enthusiasm, hard work and the ability to execute - that has led to a series of successes.  He has been to the winners circle multiple times.  

While at DuPont, in his role as Business Development Manager, he was the author of a long and deep deal-sheet.  In addition, he developed strong relationships with key stakeholders, both internally and externally, - that led to win-win situations. 

Laurent was raised on a farm and learned the value of hard work and sacrifice.  He understands farmers and those in other industries, are sometimes faced with less than ideal conditions.  He believes the key is to develop a solid plan and to build in some contingencies. 

            "I am energized by solving problems.  I have enjoyed that since I was a kid. 
             I like to think about how things fit together.  Adjuvants Plus has some very
             unique and exciting technology.  Our challenge will be to figure-out how and
             where it fits - for the good of agriculture and Adjuvants Plus shareholders. 
             I look forward to working on that challenge with our team."

Laurent held many roles in the corporate world - from entry level to senior management.  Through the years, he has developed a keen business sense - and is able to quickly assess a situation, develop the right strategy - and then execute against that.  He is also known for turning products into brands and for developing new markets.  While he is very persistent, and this usually pays off, he also believes in the concept of failing fast.  He is highly creative and strongly believes there is more than a single solution to a problem.  He is a big picture thinker - and will consider the short term and long-term impact of any one strategy.  He is very passionate about his work - and that passion rubs off on others. 

Laurent is an experienced leader with a sparkling track record.  

When Larry is not working, you might find him spending time with the family or on a boat fishing. 

Contact Information

     Cell:      (647) 529-6230