Our History

Adjuvants Plus Inc, Kingsville, Ontario,  is a privately held Canadian corporation established in 2000.  The company was founded by Dr. William Brown and James Stewart.  As a result of Bill and Jim's tenacity, their experience in agri-business and their network within the agricultural research community, the Adjuvants Plus Inc. platform was established.  Sadly, after a courageous fight with cancer, Jim passed away in 2012.  Continuing to build this business legacy, Bill, in conjunction with a strong management team, is growing the organization with new products and technology acquisitions.  

Adjuvants Plus Milestones

July 14, 2000
  • Adjuvants Plus Inc. is established
  • Field trials to evaluate weed control using acid actives
  • Acquisition of a fungal biological, EndoFine®, from the University of Guelph
  • Canadian registration and distribution of liquid dicamba herbicide   
  • The Reddy It® adjuvant system was introduced
  • MCDS demonstrated superior performance with glyphosate
  • A strategic partnership was established with Adjuvants Unlimited Inc., to introduce a new, and patented, water conditioning product called N Tank® and distributor trademarked versions
2004 on-going
  • U.S. field trials underway for EndoFine® as a fungal biostimulant 
2005 on-going
  •  Technical acid combinations patented in 13 countries
  • Distribution agreement completed with Precision Laboratories 
  • Licensing agreement with MEY to source Wise Up® herbicide
  • Adjuvants Plus ventures the Western Canadian market
  • Accelerated research on the Omega Rich® brands business opportunities
  • Aligned with two new distributors in Canada 
  • Licensed a micro encapsulation adjuvant system from Cornell University
  • Received the U.S. patent on EndoFine®
2013 - 
  • Advancing development of new products in the pipeline
  • Licensed 2nd Clonstachys rosea (C.r.) strain: focus - FHB
  • EndoFine®Express: C.r. with enhanced adjuvants technology